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Fan Fiction Statistics

AbandonedEmma Baker2,2879,647194202
A Bright FutureJenny Dobson4,57520,527398399
Bad Things, Good ThingsMelissa Diss4,57419,494411452
Beach RomancingMelissa Diss3,61115,795321323
Dash & AdamB'Elanna Scully1,1694,810140146
Family Dues - part 1Maree Barnes4,55419,530440441
Family Dues - part 2Maree Barnes5,78225,041606611
FateNadine Maraldo1,2305,098119125
First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage ?4,55118,662629634
Hippy Drug Bust - part 1Marie6732,9146060
In DisguiseLisa9,18936,697934941
Listen To The WordsSarah Partridge2,0778,622157160
Love That's Never Smooth - part 1Nadine Maraldo2,97012,031284305
Love That's Never Smooth - part 2Anon5,34222,261447455
Memory LossSharron8,49935,7579711000
Monday Morning BluesSarah1,6877,145148155
The Blue Files - part 1Kate Harrison3,11714,838343348
The Blue Files - part 2Sarah2,1189,534246258
The Blue Files - part 3Kate Harrison5992275689661304
The Blue Files - part 4Kate Harrison470921594679737
The FearAnna & Sarah2,87311,810262275